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A banner is an advertising tool that is very frequently used for the promotion of a company, organization or business on the Web. It is a form of advertising used in commercial web publishing that appears across the top of a web page and is linked to the site of the advertiser it promotes. This type of banner is also known as banner ad and it is intended to increase web traffic. When viewers click on a banner they are instantly directed to the website that is being advertised. It is important that the site where your banner appears is related in subject to your product. For instance, if you own a travel company that offers package holidays to Spain, you can place banners on websites that describe that country.

A web banner is usually created from an image (GIF, JPEG, and PNG) using computer programming languages such as Java, Shockwave or Flash. Banners are frequently constructed employing sounds and animations that catch the eye and attract the attention of audiences. The aim of a banner is the same as of any advertisement: trying to persuade people to buy a product or service. Its purpose is to inform the audience about a business, product or service's main characteristics and make an impression on people.

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It is important that information is properly arranged and clear, so that your banner is visually appealing. And it is also important that animations, colors and types do not irritate the audience. The use of too many bright colors, for instance, may result in the creation of a design that is unpleasant and shocking. Regarding typefaces, we recommend that you limit the number of types used -try to use no more than three different typefaces. You must also consider your target audience. For instance, if your banner ad is aimed at old people you must use larger fonts, while if it is aimed at the public in general you may use standard sizes. Make sure that you use proper animation and avoid images that may be visually irritating.

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