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This website has been created to inform you about banner ads and their design process. Banner design is a form of advertisement that is very commonly used nowadays. It is an advertisement form on the World Wide Web that involves embedding an advertisement into a web page. Its objective is to draw traffic and to increase a website's CTR (click through ratio, that is to say the number of people clicking on a banner ad). There are other forms of advertisement that can be used to promote a company. You have to bear in mind however, that today electronic publishing is one of the most widespread means of advertisement. This means that if you can make use of both traditional and up-to-date means of advertisement you will reach a larger audience.

It is important that you are familiar with some rules that must be followed when creating a banner and that if applied they lead to very successful results. These rules are related to the decisions taken by each particular company and to pre-established concepts. When you design you must bear in mind that the audience, although it is not constant, reacts in the same way to certain visual stimuli. If you know these reactions you can foresee the results you will get and that way you can profit from the elements you use when you design.

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Some theorists have studied the audience's behavior when receiving certain stimuli, and they have drawn conclusions that are utterly useful at the moment of designing. They talk about the Principles of Design. These principles are related to the arrangement, size and colors of the elements that make up a composition. Among them there are focus, balance, unity and movement. If the designer is familiar with these principles (which will be explained in detail under section "Design Principles") he will be able to reduce the margin of error at the moment of creating designs.

This website's objective is to help you understand which factors affect banner design and also affect your promotional campaign's success. On every page that makes up this website we have underlined the need to hire a professional when designing banners (and in fact when designing any form of design). We recommend that you read this site carefully and that you make use of the rules we mention and the recommendations we make about the design process because that way you will be able to meet the results you seek.

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