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Once a company has been set up it needs to promote its products or services. An effective way of promoting a company and making it known to the world is designing banner ads and placing them on websites related to the product or service offered. On-line advertising is one of the most effective ways of getting people to know your business, since most people have access to the Internet and look up information on the Net.

The design of a banner is very personal and it is created according to each client's preferences and needs. Depending on the product or service advertised, the design will be created using different colors, fonts and shapes. The elements of design -that is to say the objects used to create a composition- have a great influence on the effect the design has on people. It is important to note this fact because the purpose of a banner ad is not only to advertise a product but also to get people to buy it. If a banner is incorrectly or inefficiently designed, it will be unattractive and irritating. People will not feel comfortable when looking at the design, so they will not read the information it displays and therefore will not become familiar with your company or business.

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When a company decides to create a banner it needs to become conscious of the need to hire a designer. Professionals are familiar with design tips, principles and elements, and they know how to operate computer programs that facilitate and improve the design process. They know how to arrange the elements that make up a composition to create designs that are attractive and visually appealing. They have been trained to recognize which elements are attractive and which are irritating. In the case of banner ad design, it is very important to create designs that are eye-catching because the aim of this form of design is to advertise and sell a product or service. If web banners are visually annoying they will fail to fulfill this task and therefore its purpose will be lost.

There are several factors that may increase CTRs. Color, layout and contrast are very important because of its visual effect. If a design is very lurid or if the elements on it are not properly arranged, it will not attract audiences and therefore it will not meet its prime objective and it will lose a large part of its potential audience. Another factor that may increase or decrease CTRs is animation. Depending on how it is used, this factor may be productive or unproductive. Creative and eye-catching animations are very useful because they catch the attention of the audience. It is paramount that animation is simple and not ostentatious, so that it does not clash with the design of the web page on which the banner is placed.

Another good way of improving your CTR is to include a Click here or Submit graphic image on your banner. Old fashion words like free, you, get, are still working so it is very convenient to include them. Make sure that your banner ad is clear and not overcrowded with words and messages. Keep the message short and unambiguous. Too many words may confuse the audience, and the point will be lost. It is very important to include the name of your company and to outline your product or service's main characteristics. Make sure that you brand correctly by placing your banner ad on websites that are related to your company's field.

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