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There are some factors which can not be overseen when setting up a new company, organization or business. Among them there are corporate image and advertising. The corporate image of a company is the way in which a company is seen and understood by people in general. One of the most important parts of corporate identity is having a corporate logo. A well designed logo ensures brand recognition and therefore increases sales and prestige. A business that lacks corporate representation lacks identity, since it can not be recognized by the audience.

The basis for a successful corporate identity is the physical recognition of a company, that is to say the visual impact it makes on people. Companies need to be easily recognizable and identifiable in the market. The same identity must run through all the products a company advertises, so that it is not confused with other companies or business that deal in the same type of goods. The design of a logo is very important in that respect, since it is the symbol used by a company to advertise its products and stand out from the rest.

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Designing a good logo is paramount for the success of your promotional campaign, and therefore for the success of your company. If your logo is ineffectively designed, people will not remember it. This will be the beginning of the end for your company, since it will result in the loss of potential and real clients. Notice that those trademarks whose logo is known all around the world -such as Coca Cola or BMW- are more successful than those of trademarks or companies who have a logo that is not catchy or appealing. This does not mean that Coca Cola or BMW owe its success only to its logo, of course. But it is true that its corporate identity is well known worldwide, which does have an influence on its success rate.

Companies that have a website must include their logo on the Web pages that form that site. That way, visitors who access a page will instantly see that company's logo and associate it with its product or service. The same applies to banner ads. Web banners are a form of advertisement, and therefore must be a direct representation of a company. Including the logo of the business that is being promoted is an excellent way of making it known to the public. Even if users opt out of the banner ad and do not click on it, they will remember that logo and the company it represents.

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