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Graphic design is the art of using visual media to convey a message, advertise a product or service, or make a company, business, etc. known to the world. The elements that make up a composition should not be arranged at random, and the design itself should not be produced without previous planning. On the contrary, the designer must follow certain rules and principles that optimize design, and he must remember that planning is one of the most important steps in the design process. It is paramount that design professionals are familiar with a number of theories and studies that have added to the understanding of the effect colors and shapes have on people's minds. Color psychologists, for example, claim there are a number of reactions to color which seem to be noted in most people. If the designer is familiar with this fact, he can make use of colors to achieve certain intended effects.

The person in charge of carrying out the process of design must be a designer. This is paramount because designers have been trained to design, and therefore are capable of producing results that are efficient and successful. Their training enables them to create designs following certain pre-established criteria that ensure success. They have studied design's history and the effects designs have produced on humans throughout the years. Although the human mind may react differently to the same input, there are some reactions that are common to most minds and which can be predicted. That way, the designer knows that bright and intense colors do not have the same visual effect as dark or light ones. And he knows that simple designs are more appealing than overdone ones.

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Graphic designers need to have the knowledge necessary to use computer programs that are designed to facilitate their task. In the past, designers did not have the advantage of having up-to-date software that did part of the job. Today's technology does not only facilitate but also quicken the design process. Nowadays, designers can rearrange the elements that make up a design within seconds by the use of a number of computer programs.

Since graphic design is an art, professionals who work in this field must lay a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics of the designs they produce. It is paramount that the final product is visually appealing. When the audience looks at an advertisement, a website, a banner or any other form of design, it first focuses on its aesthetic value. If the design is ugly or lacks in style, people will not look at it. On the contrary, if the design is high quality and original, they will be interested in it and read its content.

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