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When you start up a company you must take into consideration the need for a good promotional campaign, since promotion is of paramount importance at the moment of making your product known to the world. If you oversee this need and choose to launch a campaign that is disorganized and not properly planned, your success rate will be low. There are many means of advertisement which can be used for the promotion of a company, business or organization. Brochures, posters, post cards, labels, catalogues, personal cards, etc., are among the most popular traditional forms of advertisement. Another form of advertisement that has sprung up in the last years is banner advertisement.

Traditional means of advertisement such as the ones mentioned are still very frequent and may be combined with more up-to-date forms to conduct a working promotional campaign. Brochures and leaflets, for example, are small magazines that contain pictures and information on a product or company. They can be used to promote a company by including information on its product's main features, price, etc. They have different functions, such as informing the audience, advertising products or services and identifying a company. These means of advertisement, unlike banner ads, are printed on paper. If you want to launch a campaign that takes in a large number of potential clients, you can combine both forms of advertisement and design banners -which are not printed on paper but appear online- and brochures and leaflets -which are printed and handed out directly to people.

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Bear in mind that if you launch a new product you will want to reach the largest possible number of clients. If you limit yourself to the use of only one means of advertisement you will be reducing the scope of your promotional campaign and consequently reducing your clients and your sales. In most cases, the most convenient option is to launch a campaign that includes several means of advertisement. There are exceptions, of course, such as companies or organizations that are aimed only at a certain audience and are not interested in reaching beyond it. In those cases, companies will limit themselves to producing promotional designs of one certain type.

When a company launches a new advertising campaign, it must do research in order to find out which means of advertisement is the most convenient for the product or service it promotes. It is recommended that this research is carried out by experts such as professional designers. The designer will have to find out which are the audience's preferences in order to reduce the margin of error and produce results that are likely to succeed. He must also take into consideration the preferences of his client, that is to say the preferences of the company launching the campaign. A deep study of the market and the audience is the only way of planning a good design. Depending on these preferences, the designer will create a brochure, a banner ad, a leaflet, a personal card, etc. Or he may consider that it is better to produce more than one and combine several means of advertisement.

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